FF: Along for the Ride

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

I miss you, especially at the craziest moments.

Like I’ll be driving along and picture you there: side-seat driving while telling ridiculous stories.

“That’s where the woman was brutally attacked by a pack of rabid koalas*.”

(What??? Where??? What???) 

And then, “Hey! You missed your turn.”

I’ll laugh, rub the tears from my eyes, signal to make the u-turn.

Wish you were here, (so I could tell you how annoyed I am with you right now.)


Thanks Rochelle and Bill for this week’s prompt.

This picture reminded me of my dad and three of his most distinctive traits: 1) broken down stuff that he definitely planned to “fix one day,” 2) long, rambling stories you knew he was just looking for a reason to tell, and 3) the infamous “scenic route” detour with narrative asides that sometimes turned out to be true about this or that corner where the Crazy Thing Happened.

*No actual koalas were harmed in the writing of this story.

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15 thoughts on “FF: Along for the Ride

  1. Dear Anne,

    Isn’t it funny how those things that irritate us about someone are what we miss the most when they’re gone? Good story. Lots of tenderness between the lines. Good job.



  2. Oh man, Anne… you just brought me back to my husband and me. He used to tell all sorts of stories as we drove…
    This was beautifully done.

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