FF: Four Seasons (Total Landscaping)

Claire Fuller (7)
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Claire Fuller

And so, it begins.

I stand like a soldier, leaf blower in hand.

Soon it will be time to winterize and remove snow. Then, time for my war against newly growing things. Finally, summer and the endless war against grass.

My neighbor waves at me from across the fence, and I wave back.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Yes, a beautiful day for a neighbor.

And so, the endless struggle continues.


Thanks Rochelle and Claire for another great prompt. It reminded me of this kind of humorous, kind of not, events of the US 2020 election which, even more so than 2016, feels like this may never end.

Either way, it made me grin and feel the drama AND the humor in the drama. I really needed that this week.

13 thoughts on “FF: Four Seasons (Total Landscaping)

  1. So life goes on – and on – and on. The winterizing ritual begins. At least it can be performed without a mask, so that others can see our huge smiles. 😉 😯
    I think that leaf-blowers are the most irritating and useless gadgets ever invented. They just make your problem,>/em> someone else’s problem – until a strong wind or an irate neighbor returns the favor. 😳

  2. Dear Anne,

    I think my husband could’ve written this piece. As soon as a blade of grass turns green he’s kvetching about having to mow. Love the addition of the Mr. Rogers’ line. 😉



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