IWSG: Endings

Happy IWSG Day!

December 1 question – In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

When I first read this question, I was working on the ending of my NaNo novel (I just typed THE END about 30 minutes ago and am coming up for air.)

One of my favorite authors Saint Paul the Apostle once wrote something like – you guys keep saying I sound so mean in my letters when I’m so nice in person.

I feel the same way when writing gruesome, if well-deserved endings for my (mwahaha) evil characters. What would people think if they read this? “But she seemed so nice. Then, I read that story she wrote. Now, I’m not so sure.” Me neither, TBH. Me neither.

So, I decided to use that feeling in my text this time, and … it feels so good. But scary. But good.

It’s a first person epistolary-style novel where the main characters (there are several) take turns writing to the reader. They have good reasons at the end to explain themselves to an audience who might legit think whoa, did you have to eviscerate that dude in chapter 12? Well, yeah and here’s why.

At the end, they’re basically giving middle fingers to the Very Bad Guys (the ones still left) by saying – yes, we are going to end you, but that doesn’t mean we are the same. Or, are we? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Then, there’s a happy ending. Well, for the victors anyway.

Endings stress me out the most – because I’m terrible at them. They also delight me, because … not gonna lie, some days I really do want to punch people in the face. But no. Save it for the novel.

How about you? What stresses you out and delights you most in writing and in life?

5 thoughts on “IWSG: Endings

  1. So I was at NaNo too and while I did get the 50k I am still short of a few thousands before I can reach the end. And it’s freaking me out. I am so restless and stressed about it.
    Congratulations for NaNo!

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