IWSG: Nothing, Really

This month’s optional question: What would make you quit writing?

I’m having an interesting time in life, one of those transition points. Summer is here. No more mask requirements where I live. Travel is cautiously allowed.

I get to go see the people I want to see from time to time, in small doses. I’m rethinking what to do with my free time. Now, that I have all these options. (And coming up with creative excuses to mostly remain a hermit. Old habits die hard or not at all.)

I can imagine giving up a lot of things, but I cannot imagine giving up writing. That would be like giving up water or air.

I remember someone once told me that I would probably go crazy if I stopped writing. I was going through a “I give up and I am a horrible writer” phase. The person said, if you do that, with all the thoughts you have, you will explode! Which I realized was true. It is literally a compulsion for me. I can’t not. I can not share, but I can’t not write.

It actually makes me feel better to know that. I get nervous if I don’t have pen and paper on hand. (I prefer old school to distracting electronic devices for Just Writing.)

What about you? Are you a writer? Can you imagine not being? Happy IWSG Day!

4 thoughts on “IWSG: Nothing, Really

  1. Giving up writing really would be like giving up water or air. There are times I get frustrated, either with writing or with life in general, and I think maybe it would be smart to quit writing. But just like trying to hold your breath, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it for long.

  2. No masks? Sounds like heaven!!

    If you enjoy writing can you really quit? I don’t think so. You may have phases, where you don’t write much; but eventually you will find your way back to the blank page.
    And I’m talking about writing for the sheer pleasure of writing, and possibly publishing something along the way.
    Then there’s writing to pay the bills – that’s a different story.

    Happy Writing!

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