FF: Alone, but Not



“Yes, well here’s what I want to do,” Diana said, cutting off the discussion.

She was going to the beach, and she was going to have fun. Her friends stopped arguing to turn to her: Rebekah twelve and Riley thirteen.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Rebekah said.

Sometimes, all it takes to stop an argument about what to do next is to find something to do next, and then do it.

Also, it was a gorgeous beach day, not a cloud in the sky, just the wind and the waves and some tasty, if sand-infected PBJ sandwiches.


Thanks for the inspiring prompt from Rochelle and Miles! I was stumped for what to write this week. I just knew I wanted it to be something about a person all alone trying to make their mind up about something. Not a great story, but it’s a story. Hope everyone has a great week.

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