FF: Cookie!!!

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast  


GENRE: Fan Fiction/True Crime?

See the source image

WANTED: Short individual approximately 2’5″ in blue, fuzzy animal costume. Last seen driving away from Emmon’s Supermarket in a bright blue subcompact car full of packaged cookies. Suspected in connection with disappearance of all cookies from said store.

Meanwhile….. Cookie Monster knows he has a problem. He needs to find another way to satisfy his cookie obsession, one that won’t land him in the psych ward again. They have very few cookies there.


I’ve always liked people who know what they want and can state those wants clearly. As long as you don’t come between Cookie Monster and his cookies, you’re cool with him. I wish everyone was that easy to understand.

Thanks to Rochelle and Jennifer for this week’s prompt.

36 thoughts on “FF: Cookie!!!

  1. Dear Anne,

    I’m not buying it. I’m not sure Cookie Monster can overcome this addiction. 😉 Love the story. Another way to look at one of my favorite Muppets. 😀



    1. One day at a time Rochelle! Once a cookie addict, always a cookie addict, even if a recovering cookie addict. Anyone can change one day at a time. =D …Maybe not Cookie Monster, though. Okay, I don’t really want him to change. Ever. Nom, nom, nom!!!

  2. Ha! Ha! The Cookie Monster is becoming self aware and a woke muppet. I wonder if in the future they will send him to a Cookie deaddiction clinic.

  3. I think I saw him in the kitchen this morning, pilfering the Easter cookies intended for Sunday’s snack. He got out the front door with his lunch box loaded before I could stop him… and then, then, he expected me to drive him to his next location. Can you imagine that???? HEHE! Guess I need to bake more cookies. Love this story.

    1. Here’s the thing. Man this is hard to say. That might have actually been your child. I say this in case you might be expected to go back to the place before you dropped him off to pick him up again. 😉 Eventually. Teehee.

      1. Nope, just my Hubby… He calls himself the cookie monster all the time. I can’t keep cookies in the house. LOL! And, he was wearing a blue shirt and pants today… LOL! Loved your story!

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