FF: Bury the Dead


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Presumed dead.

Charlotte stares at the words. Now she is free to remarry, free to collect the insurance, to move on.

“You did the right thing, mom. Dad would want you to do this, to move on.”

One way or another, that is probably true. The chance that he will appear at the door some Tuesday afternoon, with some crazy true story of where he’s been, hoping she would wait for him….

Wordless, Charlotte turns the legal document face down, stands up, and walks away.

Thanks for yet another inspiring prompt from Ted and Rochelle.

In memory of my dad who died in summer of 2019 and whose ashes may or may not be spread in a favorite spot not far from his house, depending on who’s asking. Of course, it is technically illegal to scatter ashes that way. Of course, he would want us to do it. If we did it. I admit to nothing.

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16 thoughts on “FF: Bury the Dead

  1. Dear Anne,

    Perhaps she’ll be able to move on in the not too distant future. There’s no statute of limitations on grief, is there? Whether or not his remains went blowing in the wind is the question that it’s none of my business to ask. 😉 Nicely done.



  2. Wonderfully written, Anne. Presumed is almost impossible to accept as definitive. How long has she been waiting for news? How can she accept this as official? Awful position to find herself in.
    As for scattering ashes, we may or may not be guilty of committing such a crime in our family… possibly. Couldn’t say 🙂

    1. Thanks Brenda. He wasn’t into fiction so he probably wouldn’t get it, but as his ever-annoying daughter that may be part of the point. If here were alive I would totally not read it to him but do something nice for him instead. He was such a great yet infuriating dad.

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