My Nuanced Feelings on Women’s Ordination

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Let your yes be yes and your no be no. A really wise man said that once….

Well blog readers, I had a mini implosion on Saturday that had to do with a serious misunderstanding with my pastor slash guy who is severely underpaid and overworked. Nothing a ten second convo and a bit of existential angst couldn’t cure. And then, we spent the rest of time in the confessional doing what I usually do which is not confessing my non-existent sins, because I gave up going along to get along over a decade ago. The most important thing I mentioned was that on January 24th, 2021 The Father, the Son, and I agreed to spend some time within every 24-hour day checking in with each other. Which I thought was an awesome idea. (It was the Father’s idea. Most of the truly awesome ones are.)

I imagine this is the average day in the life for a Roman Catholic priest, which is why I personally would like to be one about as much as I’d like to be a nuclear fuel rod waiting my turn in line. When I first told this guy I believe myself to be the Holy Spirit and Jesus’s wife his response was “I’ve heard stranger things.” I loved him instantly.

(Okay, I love everyone, even my worst enemies, but no one is perfect. And, people who actually care about other people are my favorite kind of people. So, there’s that.)

Is it possible, to have a deep relationship with God but not entirely believe in God? If so I definitely fall into that category.

Hello. My name is Anne, and I am an atheist. It has been two days since I last seriously doubted my own existence along with the existence of everyone else I know, including my cats.

Hello, Anne.

My relationship with God is complex and nuanced. It’s like going to the grocery store ten times in one day to get peas, because each time you forget why you went there in the first place. Finally, you give up on the whole buying peas thing, because obviously that just isn’t happening.

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That’s how I feel about the issue of women’s ordination. I definitely  believe women should be officially ordained in our church, but maybe not in this present world. I’m not sure anybody should be, in this present world. I’m glad I don’t have that option in my current church. It gives me one less thing to worry if I should/should not be doing that. I am glad other people choose to pursue it. I sincerely wish them all the best on their endeavors. I really do.

In the meantime, true story. I designed the Roman Catholic Church before I knew much about it, in the midst of my crazy pre-Catholic prayer life. (It’s pretty much the same as my crazy Roman Catholic prayer life, but now there are more people around to be more than vaguely worried about what/how I’m doing.) I didn’t design the church for this present world but for after the bodily resurrection, in case we still want to keep having sex and babies after that. Because, Gnostic Christianity is wrong.

Here is what the sacraments part of it is all about. Because I remember the basis for this conversation.

FYI, Goddess is tired of people’s questions that you think are new but she has heard them all before.

I know. X person has Y problem with how Z community is administering the sacraments unfairly. And X may be totally right! Unfortunately, Goddess is tired of listening to your complaints. She feels perfectly justified in staying on Her Deserted Island reading a really great book and working on her tan.

Here is what person/community Z should say to person X. Every time.

1. Don’t you have something better to do with your time other than to talk to me about your problems, about a rule I have no intention of changing? (Maybe Z should change that rule. Maybe the spirit of Goddess totally agrees. Maybe Z is a hard hearted sexist ahole. Goddess is somehow unsurprised and unfazed by this. My, the breeze and the gentle ocean waves here. )

2. If Person X feels strongly enough then why not go and start resolving problem Y on her own? Be bold, brave, and courageous. Act like you are already ordained, married, capable of having kids, et cetera. Hitch your titties and woman up, ladies. We survived birthing children for thousands of years without anesthesia. We don’t require male affirmation to Get It Done.

3. Once enough people agree with you on problem Y, either community Z will join you or you can start your own community. Regardless, for Goddess sake don’t mirror the sexist, racist, ableist aholes who think they can tell other people what to do and expect them to do it. Don’t continue to open and close the barn door of their affirmation. It is way too late for that now. All the animals will continue to run around outside, occasionally making it harder to ritually open and close that door until even your opponents have to admit they Might Be Wrong. Because, they are. Trust me. This ruling by divine fiat thing Never Works.

4. I know, there are people out there who are trying to bend/enforce the rules by actual violence. Very not cool and not the right way to go about this. Ever. Duly noted, right?


P.S. Yeshua and He Who Shall Not Yet Be Named aka “The Father.” Love you so much, now and forever. You know that much is true. Continue to teach me how. ❤

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