List of Grievances

The fact that our justice system is still based on the old ages when we used to settle things in weaponized combat, except now it depends on who has the better lawyers. We think we have gotten better, but we really haven’t. We’ve just gotten more subtle.

People blame the lawyers, but lawyers need to get paid too. Many of them have families and also the same wish to be successful and recognized as successful that the rest of us have. Many of them know better how to spend their six-figure salaries than the ordinary person would if we suddenly got it. Also, many lawyers have trouble paying their bills.

Pro bono lawyers who are brilliant and dedicated to helping ordinary people may literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an education only to make the same amount of money as a fry cook.

The same goes for most of the highly-skilled professions that we really need.

People wonder why teachers, psychologists, IT personnel, that guy you saw walking down the street the other day, we are ALL susceptible to burnout at times.

Healthcare is still a for-profit industry in my country, and no one has a problem with this.

I consider the need to keep healthcare separate from government as the most valid reason to keep healthcare as a private, for-profit industry. The only thing that may be scarier than having some 1% exec with boutique doctors on call making life or death decisions is having the government make those same decisions.

I’m serious. I can see pluses and minuses on either side of that equation.

In undergrad sociology class, I learned that police basically started in order to protect the rich elite. Only over time we had to at least pretend that all people deserve to be defended equally.

People continue to be blind to the effect that the Christian gospel has had and continues to have on this world, because … ugh.


I forget what else I was going to say.

To all the guys who have asked me why I am so angry all the time: I just seem that way because you are a sexist/classist/racist (insert word here) jerk all the time. Most people actually find me easy to be around.

No. I am not kidding.

Many of my favorite people have a hard time getting a good paying job. I think it may be a combination of the fact that they are nice people, couldn’t afford a good enough education, and because they are not sexist/classist/racist.

I “forgot” to cancel my Costco membership. Because I live alone, getting Costco size portions is usually overkill. I get them anyway. I really do like kettle chips. A lot. But not that much.

The fact that it is snowing outside and even though I shoveled and salted the driveway earlier today you can’t tell that anything was done.

Last but not least, whoever it was that told me if I ever want to be famous writer, I need to avoid saying controversial things like this.

I’m pretty sure some white male author called John Scalzi pointed out at some point or other that he – and others – develop quite a following precisely by NOT being politically correct.

I think you have to be consistent though, to have a brand, and that sounds exhausting.

I’m already missing my 9-5 job, which I hope will still be waiting for me once this Covid thing is over, and I can still return while staying copacetic and true to my inner, mostly non-crazy self.

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