FF: Token Female

PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankivell

With an exhausted sigh, I pull the wooden token out of the sack: woman in dress with apron. Great.

“Why is it we have one female token, and it means you have to do dishes?”

There are five of us in the bunker, five of the final human beings left alive on the planet.

The next day, Samantha pulls the female token. “My turn,” she says with a wry grin.

I get the telescope token. Today, I’ll clean the instruments and check for radiation. I’ll see if it’s finally safe to return to the surface.


This week’s prompt made me think instantaneously of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I spent a lot of time after reading that book, mentally writing an alternate ending where she leaves her loser husband and either stays single or finds someone better. Where she gets to stay true to her inner, badass self.

This spoiler-free reflection will skip the rest of my chain of thought. Really, a great piece of fiction to be that memorable and make me that mad.

No hate, just love. ❤

Thanks for yet another great, creativity-inducing prompt from Rochelle and Trish.

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