IWSG: Getting Personal Now!


It’s the first Wednesday in March and that means IWSG Day and I have been having a rough month, busy-ness and inspiration wise.

March 4 question – Other than the obvious holiday traditions, have you ever included any personal or family traditions/customs in your stories?

I’m stumped on something to say this month. This question seems fitting, because in undergrad my favorite creative writing prof taught us (among other things) that we should avoid being autobiographical in fiction. It’s something I struggle with a lot. Sometimes the personal is the public. We all have our little eccentricities and stories – and even if they’re all different, we *get* it.

It’s something I struggle with, and so I’m not sure if I ever get personal. I try very deliberately not to – and maybe that’s part of my problem right now.

Hope everyone has a great March! Stay healthy and well.

3 thoughts on “IWSG: Getting Personal Now!

  1. I think keeping “yourself” out of a story takes away from what might actually form a bond with a reader… We all have “like” experiences and sharing those connects us to our readers, in my opinion!

  2. I’m not sure that professor had very good advice. I don’t write to reveal my life, but I use my life to reveal what I know about people from experience.

  3. I think it’s inevitable that we include aspects of our personalities or lives in our stories. I think it’s best not to really think about it, and if it happens naturally or accidentally, that’s ok!

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