IWSG: Health Concerns


It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means IWSG Day and I missed last month because I was really sick at the time, like serious chest cold sick.

Speaking of chest cold, I always get fall/winter allergies, but this past winter has been killer for me, in large part because of the up and down weather we’re having here in the Northeastern U.S. I’ve definitely been feeling down and like I Can’t Do Anything Right!! But at the same time I know myself and my body and health well enough to know – of course that isn’t actually true.

Just wondering, if anyone else has ever dealt with seasonal/long-term not feeling well ness, how it impacts your writing – or doesn’t, and what you’ve learned to do to cope? I try to remember to take allergy meds, and actually putting a reminder might help because that’s usually where my downward spiral starts. Forget to take meds, start to notice I’m coughing and congested a lot, wonder why that is while plowing through what I’m doing, and so on.

I keep hoping the weather will sort of settle down to cold or hot or whatever, but it just doesn’t. Today it’s warm like spring out and I will enjoy some brisk outdoor walking time, but it’ll go back to being winter in a couple of days. This yo-yo weather!

Anyway, hope all my fellow writers are having a good 2019 so far, better than me anyway. 🙂 I just want the congestion to stop, and it would be really great if my stories could finish and edit themselves too. And a pony. Or a unicorn. While I’m wishing for things.

4 thoughts on “IWSG: Health Concerns

  1. Sorry you have been sick. It can really affect your energy level and concentration. I don’t suffer with respiratory issues like you but my daughter has allergies in the fall. Only she refused to admit it for years and take medicine. She only made herself sicker. So I think taking allergy medicines like you are thinking is a good plan. Hope you have a healthy month.

  2. My daughter is frustrated because she has been feeling sick with either colds, sore throats, or some combination of the two, but no fever. Thus, she must drag herself to school. When I worked in the zoo and we ailed like this, we called it “the creeping crud”. It’s no fun.

  3. Yeah, getting ill takes it toll on productivity. Personally, I set alarms on my phone (the screeching really helps with actual follow-through) and drink a lot of rooibos tea with lemon and honey (it’s packed with antioxidants). I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    Ronel visiting for Feb’s IWSG Day Being an Insecure Writer — And Happy About It

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