IWSG: Total Eclipse of the Heart


This is my monthly post for the Insecure Writers Support Group, where once a month we get together and share our hopes, dreams, successes, and (yes) insecurities with regard to writing.

I’m in a strange place right now, a real strange place.  I recently denied to renew WordPress and this domain name for one more year. My pen name is my mother’s maiden name, not my legal name, and do I want to keep that as my pen name? Also, am I even still trying to write fiction? I’ve kind of – okay – given up. But not really. But it feels that way – if that makes sense. I am doing some heavy editing of one my favorite WIP’s after giving up on the WIP I was working on, because frankly I think it sucks. And I might need a while.

So I’m not sure. Like, about anything right now.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I (very last minute) made a trip to Fort Louden, Tennessee for my first ever total eclipse. Over two minutes of “totality.” It’s one of those experiences they say changes you – and I feel changed. It reminded me of a song I wrote  about the divine feminine and strength revealed in weakness.

The optional question of the month is whether we’ve ever been surprised by our writing. And those are the surprises that always stick out to me, those moments when I said more than I intended, when later (years later) I think back or re-read and think, wow, I had no idea how meaningful that would be to me personally years later. If only I could also write things which are meaningful to others. If only I had any clue whatsoever what to do next. That would be great.

For now, here’s a great song I definitely didn’t write (before my time! =D) But which I also thought of in a new light. So to speak. And it is exactly how I feel right now about writing and other subjects.

5 thoughts on “IWSG: Total Eclipse of the Heart

  1. I agree with Anna.

    Bad patches happen, so don’t get discouraged. (BTW, it took SEVEN failed drafts before I wrote my first published book.)

  2. I’m sorry that you’re thinking of not continuing to write fiction. It’s okay to take a break if you need it. I often have those thoughts every other month. I give up writing fiction, instead focusing on comics or screenplays. However, I eventually come back to fiction. I hope everything works out for you. Writers think their writing sucks. I think it’s in a handbook somewhere. I still question if my writing is any good. I’ve been writing since I was 11, but published my first book in 2013.

    Keep smiling,

  3. We were lucky enough to view the eclipse as well. Amazing, isn’t it? Writing is like anything else–ups and downs. I agree that you just have to ride it out. When inspiration hits, it will automatically swing right in.

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