WPS: The Leaf


This is my first time doing this, so I hope it works. This picture is taken from a Google Maps street view of Edinburgh, as part of What Pegman Saw.

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The Leaf

Red-veined, golden, the leaf makes its way from past to present, catching a ride on a river on its way from rain to ocean. Once upon a time, they say a tree grew from seed to sapling. Knights danced with swords and leather. Castles rose. Castles fell. Leaves came and went and came again. Soon the leaf will crumble into dust. Soon.

So a child has heard and so a child believes as she bends down quick as a snake to snatch the leaf from the current, to twirl it in a curious hand.

“What is that?” Child’s mother.

“Nothing.” A lie.

“Put it back.”

A sigh.



“Fine.” Another lie, a fake throw. The leaf does not fall again. Instead, it catches a new ride, from a girl’s pocket to leather-bound pages of memory. From there, perhaps, to fight another day.

4 thoughts on “WPS: The Leaf

  1. A very nice balance of word rhythm and mystery. It never quite answers the question of the purpose of the leaf, but it makes a lovely focal point for the rest of the images to whirl around.

  2. Dear Anne,

    Poetic prose, beautifully written, although I’m mystified by the leaf itself.

    This is my third week of WPS. After four plus years of confining my stories to 100 words…fun challenge. Something different. Happy to see familiar faces like yours.



  3. This has a delightful rhythm to it. I think I can see where you’re going with the leaf. How one seed can be the beginning of time – through trees and falling leaves. Right?

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