Friday Fictioneers: Everyday Epiphany

Photo Copyright Jean L. Hays

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Here’s my submission for Friday Fictioneers, finally getting back into the swing of things I hope! I’ve made it a News Years Resolution to get back on the writing boat. Happy New Year!

Everyday Epiphany

I’ve been numb since that day you never showed up for coffee. You have given me presents, excitement, a car, a dream vacation, promises any day now we will finally sit down and talk about nothing important – just us. Years have gone by. In a coffee shop alone over a cup of Earl Grey, I realize, not for the first time,

I can’t do this. If you do not show up this time – it’s over, I mean it. I don’t even know if I can say goodbye, but somehow I have to – let go of this dream.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Everyday Epiphany

    1. Dawn, I kind of wanted it to be mysterious, could mean anything. What I was really picturing though was the kind of guy who is there in big ways but not really there, maybe even an adulterous affair kind of thing. Like you’ll do everything for me but just be *there* in some non-showy way. At the same time, the dream and the imagination and pretending is part of that so I think it works if we’re not sure?

  1. The paths that have never crossed? They seem to have been together a lot for not being together? Unless he gives presents by way of the third person.. they vacation separately… There had to be another side to this story?

    1. Thanks Roger! I was thinking of a relationship with someone who was willing to be showy without really being present in a day-to-day kind of way, maybe adultery, maybe some other reason like a “kept woman.” Maybe he’s a spy or has a good reason or … all those strange ideas we like to get in our heads that we know aren’t true when we’re “in love” and caught up in it.

  2. I was just thinking earlier today about how there seems to be a kind of mourning period for relationships. I think it’s the death of the dream as much as the hit to the ego..

  3. Great story, to me he reads like someone who needs a trophy. His priorities clearly are elsewhere, and since she doesn’t want this, it’s time to end it. If she can.

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