IWSG: Staying Motivated


First of all, Happy Birthday IWSG!!! For the anniversary of IWSG, we’ve been asked to put together a short piece on writing, publishing, or marketing. For my post, I’m going to share some tricks I use to help me stay motivated:

1. Be task-oriented. I am used to thinking of work in terms of time. As a writer, I’ve found that I need to reverse my thought processes and think in terms of what I need to get done rather than the time I will dedicate to working. This may sound zany, but it’s true.

2. Remind yourself what you should be doing. I use desktop wallpaper to remind me what I should be doing.

3. Exercise, eat right, etc. I know, I know.. But it really does help. A lot.

4. Vary your locale. I mostly write on a laptop computer, but I’m not above pen and paper. Sometimes if I’m stuck on a crowded restaurant scene I’ll go someplace crowded. For a quiet meditative moment…you get the idea.
2014-04-17 15.23.06

5. Just Do It.

6. Have a Support System. It helps a lot to know there are people out there who know you are supposed to be writing.

7. Never Give Up.

8. And don’t forget to treat yourself for a job well done. Our brains are wired for positive feedback.

That’s what I’ve got from my arsenal. What do you think? How do you stay motivated?