Dogs Do


I thought of another story you should probably hear, but warning it is kind of gross at the end.

You remember little Ryan, poor child, lost both parents within one week. Some say his family was haunted or cursed, his mother dead in that dreadful fire and his father – well, who knows. You were the one who thought to visit him at his aunt’s and give him the golden lab puppy remember? I visited the other day and saw Ryan crying, but get this – he was crying not with grief but with joy as he held little Rocko close. I think you are right that for a broken heart, a small canine pal can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

The gross part. Before I turned to leave, not wanting to spoil the moment, you see, that dog took advantage of the hug to slobber all over the poor boy’s already-grimy face. “Ewww,” he said.

This is my fourth post for the A-Z challenge, a continuation from yesterday’s story, Cats Can.