Why, hello. Great to have you here.  Put up your feet. Relax. Don’t mind the ghost wandering through these halls, mostly friendly most of the time. Just try to remember: don’t wear red, don’t talk about the color red, preferably don’t even think about the color red. Oh no, you’re thinking about it now aren’t […]

Friday Fictioneers: The Chair

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields The Chair A realtor calls Jack to the Cook house in northern Maine, to prove it’s full of antiques and empty of ghosts. He sets up his equipment in one corner of the allegedly haunted master bedroom. Then, he waits. In front of him, an antique writing desk […]

Haunted Life

In the ghostly silence Of a day that longs to come, I find Myself contemplating The wonder of it all. Speak to me Of friendly memories, Of welcome ghosts. Are you listening? Are you here? I am Comforted by (After the shock of) Believing. You are here.