Friday Fictioneers: The Bet


“You know,” Frank said, “people really will bet on anything.”

Charles could not resist the challenge. “You want to bet?”

Two days later….

Frank accepted his twenty bucks from Stan, a mutual friend, while Charles watched from a distance.

“Best twenty bucks I ever spent,” Stan said. “He cooked, plucked, and ate it.”

As soon as Stan left, Charles walked over and handed him the rest of the money he needed for his new business.

Thus, Pluck-a-Chicken-on-a-Stick was founded, for those who love their chicken fresh – and convenient. Proving – among other things – that yes, people really will bet on anything.


This week’s story is inspired in part by yet another reminder that – yes – people will bet on just about anything. (I’m going to leave it at that….) Also, having visited one too many Renaissance Faires, almost anything can be put on a stick and eaten. Upon seeing this picture, I just had to find some way to combine these two pastimes. 🙂 Hope it works.