Friday Fictioneers: No One Ever Knew

Here’s my entry for Friday Fictioneers. This week’s fascinating photo comes from C.E.Ayr. For more stories, click the frog! Gazing at the view screen, Ereenor sighed, the sound moving like thunder through the water. “Yes, the planet is mostly water,” he said. “But its people are not friendly to our brothers and sisters. Some they […]

The Five W’s

The Five W’s Who: Five aliens from Planet X What: Will be visiting us today. Where:  The main lobby, with additional seating space if needed. When: Noon, 4/27/2015. Why: To discuss plans for colonization and subjugation of our planet. Notice: Please arrive promptly. Your obedience is appreciated and will be rewarded accordingly. …. This is […]

O – Ordinary People

Here’s my post for the A-Z Challenge, letter O. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m finally starting to hit some of my deadlines again. Hope you’ve had a good week so far! Ordinary People Notice found on an intergalactic billboard: Yes, ordinary humans, we want YOU for a once-in-lifetime research opportunity. Now seeking human families, […]