Friday Fictioneers: No One Ever Knew


Here’s my entry for Friday Fictioneers. This week’s fascinating photo comes from C.E.Ayr.

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Gazing at the view screen, Ereenor sighed, the sound moving like thunder through the water.

“Yes, the planet is mostly water,” he said. “But its people are not friendly to our brothers and sisters. Some they hunt and kill for their oils. Other they keep as pets….” He shuddered, his tail thrashing nervously.

“We trust your judgment,” the council said,speaking as one. “We will find another planet. For now, rescue our oppressed kin.”


No one ever knew why so many whales and dolphins suddenly disappeared – or what we almost gained instead.

The Five W’s

The Five W’s

Who: Five aliens from Planet X

What: Will be visiting us today.

Where:  The main lobby, with additional seating space if needed.

When: Noon, 4/27/2015.

Why: To discuss plans for colonization and subjugation of our planet.

Notice: Please arrive promptly. Your obedience is appreciated and will be rewarded accordingly.


This is my next to next to last post for the A-Z Challenge. Feeling a little quirky today, possibly because I am working on my second cup of coffee while hitting some deadlines that are probably going to be missed but that’s okay. (Big, huge smile!)

O – Ordinary People


Here’s my post for the A-Z Challenge, letter O. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m finally starting to hit some of my deadlines again. Hope you’ve had a good week so far!

Ordinary People

Notice found on an intergalactic billboard:

Yes, ordinary humans, we want YOU for a once-in-lifetime research opportunity.

Now seeking human families, preferably one of each gender with at least two biological descendants of said couple.

(Note: If you are currently in a marital or other committed relationship with a member of another species but think you might be interested, please contact us anyway as free IVF and other non-sexual reproductive arrangements may be an option.)

All transportation and living expenses will be paid by us for the duration of this experiment.

Please contact us today for more information:

The Ordinary People Foundation

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