Voices 8: Tiamat’s Wrath

I’m titling this post after the latest Expanse book. This post should probably have a Delusions of Grandeur warning, except – nah, not really. Nothing delusional about it. I was going to wait to post all of these in order, but I’m kind of done with the backdoor drama of it all. Ready to move […]

Voices 4 – We ALL Mess Up Sometimes

Everyone messes up sometimes. Even me. Sometimes, I mess up more than once in a single day. That’s why today I’m going to talk about mantras. In Hindu mysticism, mantra refers to a sound, a series of words, that can help to clear your mind. It’s basically about introducing good voices into your head. It […]

Voices 5: Be Still and Know

In the midst of this busy world, I’m assaulted daily – by ads, by social media, by voices I barely even recognize. Trying to get inside people’s heads, to get us to buy things and value things, to think a certain way, there’s literally a whole industry dedicated to this. It’s called marketing. I’ve found […]

Voices 3 – In the Face of Doubt

If there is one single group of people that has tended to stomp on my sense of self-worth and my belief in God, it has been members of the organized religious community. For the most part, atheists and agnostics and members of small religious communities are perfectly okay to nod agreeably. As long as I’m […]

Voices 2 – Secrets That We Keep

*Trigger Warning* This post has SUI references. . . . . . . When I was 14, I voluntarily committed myself to a mental hospital. This isn’t something I put at the top of my resume. If it ever comes up, I often find myself glancing around to make sure no one is listening. Looking […]

Voices in My Head Part 1

True confession: I don’t see dead people, and I don’t hear audible voices, but I do “hear voices” in the sense of thoughts that are not mine, that suddenly appear like a dream in my mind. A lot of people will say that I am crazy and nuts. There are drugs and treatments for people […]