Turkey & Things

2014-10-19 14.24.14

Well, I have pretty much made it through another NaNo. I have a shiny new image and everything!


I’ve also been reading getting ready for Thanksgiving. We have a turkey defrosting in the fridge, and this takes forever. It takes planning and stick-with-it-ness. Which is a word, spellcheck! (Apparently spellcheck also does not think spellcheck is a word.) Like writing a novel. Man this metaphor is really bad – but so tasty.

I digress, as happens a lot with me while writing.

I keep thinking it’s silly to keep doing this NaNoWriMo thing, for my third year now. And keep also teetering on the edge of “am I a real writer?”

Last year, I did contemporary fiction, which is a departure from my usual fantasy mold and scary because it is real and has to be factual. I was surprised to discover all the places I’ve really been and how easy research is. Seriously, I and the world have changed a lot since I was first writing. Research is so much easier and my experiences are so much more varied.

This year, I amped it up another notch by writing science fiction and realized it is actually pretty hard science fiction. Science fiction also always used to scare me because you need to really know stuff. I’ve done a lot of research on the subjects I write about – mostly for “important” academic essays and – wow – I know weird things about overpopulation and carrying capacity.

So, I’m taking a break from writing and word counts now to – well, mostly, to world build and flesh out this intriguing technological system people have.

Oh, and also I found out that turkey pardoning is a real thing and not a joke as I initially believed. I learn new things every day….

Throwback Thursdays: Rings and Things


Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn (cover art by Michael Whelan) is the first epic fantasy series I ever read, and I loved it. It was recommended to me by fellow Mercedes Lackey fans, all of whom seemed to be reading Rawn – and telling me she was the next great thing. I was 12 at the time and was amazed to find that I could read a book that huge. Then, I read the next, and the next. They were big but compelling, full of swordplay and magic, intrigue and love.

Yes I read Rawn even before I read Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. (Perhaps you’ve heard of that one.)


Whenever I think of Rawn’s gorgeous world – and all the fun I had reading about it, I always thinks of Sunrunner’s rings, the rings of Sioned the Sunrunner, wife of Rohan (the prince – not the land of the horse lords!) For Sunrunners, rings were a sign of their power, their level of mastery over magic – and a reminder to use magic only for good. Perhaps Sioned could be called the Lady of the Rings? Maybe not. I’ve read lots of great books since, but Dragon Prince remains one of my favorite epic fantasy series to this day.

Throwback Thursdays: You Remind Me of the Babe

What babe, you ask? Why, the the babe with the power of course!


You know you want to sing along – again. 😉

Recently, I was watching Labyrinth (for the nth time) the latest and greatest from puppeteer Jim Henson. Gasp, the greatest? I know, I loved the Muppets too. I even saw the 2011 film (though I still haven’t seen The Muppets Most Wanted.)


Aw… Kermie-Wermie… I wuv you too!

There’s something special about Labyrinth, though. Watching Labyrinth always makes me feel safe. It reminds me of a time when I felt safe – in the midst of anything but safety. It has been called a kind of adolescent dream and that’s exactly what it is to me: a reminder of a time when I was told (admittedly by my t.v.) that it is okay to feel conflicted. We all make mistakes and sometimes we’re not sure which way to go next, because sometimes the doors are invisible and sometimes the doors magically move around.

No matter how crazy things may get and how badly I mess things up, one day I will make my way to the Fortress of the Goblin King. And when I do, I will tell him: …. (What is that line again?)

Darn it. I must be getting old and forgetful in my old(er) age. But I still love this movie!