Once More, Into the Breach

All right, back to work, after a great – and needed day off. Before that, though,I just wanted to say how great it is to read from other writers, which is a great part of any day!

I’ve had so much fun reading the Friday Fictioneer posts and am sorry no time to contribute this week, because that is one wacky picture! Reading the responses has been great.


And I want to say how much Aubrey’s Arch always manages to elicit such strong feelings, as do the many pictures I’ve seen posted, which I’m still a little bad at WordPress to figure out how to link to. There’s too much! And of course IWSG is always awesome.

Also, I’ve been listening to Catalyst, a book about space-cats, which can be kind of cloying but oh-so-adorable. That’s for in the car and eventually the library will want it back.

All right, back to work. This time I mean it! But really want to pause and say read – and saw – and heard – some really great stuff yesterday!