Turkey & Things

2014-10-19 14.24.14

Well, I have pretty much made it through another NaNo. I have a shiny new image and everything!


I’ve also been reading getting ready for Thanksgiving. We have a turkey defrosting in the fridge, and this takes forever. It takes planning and stick-with-it-ness. Which is a word, spellcheck! (Apparently spellcheck also does not think spellcheck is a word.) Like writing a novel. Man this metaphor is really bad – but so tasty.

I digress, as happens a lot with me while writing.

I keep thinking it’s silly to keep doing this NaNoWriMo thing, for my third year now. And keep also teetering on the edge of “am I a real writer?”

Last year, I did contemporary fiction, which is a departure from my usual fantasy mold and scary because it is real and has to be factual. I was surprised to discover all the places I’ve really been and how easy research is. Seriously, I and the world have changed a lot since I was first writing. Research is so much easier and my experiences are so much more varied.

This year, I amped it up another notch by writing science fiction and realized it is actually pretty hard science fiction. Science fiction also always used to scare me because you need to really know stuff. I’ve done a lot of research on the subjects I write about – mostly for “important” academic essays and – wow – I know weird things about overpopulation and carrying capacity.

So, I’m taking a break from writing and word counts now to – well, mostly, to world build and flesh out this intriguing technological system people have.

Oh, and also I found out that turkey pardoning is a real thing and not a joke as I initially believed. I learn new things every day….

Once More, Into the Breach

All right, back to work, after a great – and needed day off. Before that, though,I just wanted to say how great it is to read from other writers, which is a great part of any day!

I’ve had so much fun reading the Friday Fictioneer posts and am sorry no time to contribute this week, because that is one wacky picture! Reading the responses has been great.


And I want to say how much Aubrey’s Arch always manages to elicit such strong feelings, as do the many pictures I’ve seen posted, which I’m still a little bad at WordPress to figure out how to link to. There’s too much! And of course IWSG is always awesome.

Also, I’ve been listening to Catalyst, a book about space-cats, which can be kind of cloying but oh-so-adorable. That’s for in the car and eventually the library will want it back.

All right, back to work. This time I mean it! But really want to pause and say read – and saw – and heard – some really great stuff yesterday!

IWSG: Nobody’s Perfect (Including Me)


I just got back from a somewhat whirlwind tour in Europe, which I desperately needed, and am trying to keep it all together. I have books to send out, reviews to ignore, and other important things I should definitely do but sort of forgot, like my IWSG post for this month! (Is it November already? On some level, I knew that….)

This will probably sound crazy considering I am doing this full time, but November  remains a hallowed month to me, the time to benefit from the positive energy of NaNoWriMo, which I’ve been doing for the past three years now. This year I’ve decided to try drafting (*drafting only*) the last two novels that are on my heart to write. I’ve gotten almost to the end of an initial draft for one so far. Yes, I know it is only the 5th and yes I’ve been flogging myself for taking this long to do it. I am like that.

After this, I think I’m ready for … whatever is next. I’m still not sure about that part.

But I am plugging ahead, as bravely as I can. And, yeah, I really needed that trip.

I keep mentally falling back on moments like – a snowfall in Austria, Festival of Lights at the Brandenberg Gate – and finding out that despite German rail strikes I’d get there eventually. Oh, and my tablet was not in fact stolen in Italy. I left it in a shop where the shop owner returned it to me, with some good-hearted, Italian chiding. Things have a way of working out in the end and there is never any need to panic.

How is everyone else doing? Bene? Hope so!

Ciao! For now.

Spooky Creatures – Spooktacular Seductions Blog Tour


Welcome to a special stop on the Spooktacular Seductions Blog Tour, complete with exclusive author responses to a spooky question.

Halloween has come and gone, but the days are still getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. What scares you?

Each of the authors in the Spooktacular Seductions anthology was asked the following question:

What is the scariest creature you can think of? (Real or imaginary. Spiders, zombies, one you made up in your head, etc.!) What would you do if a ___ snuck up on you in the middle of the night?

And here is what they said:

Linda Carroll-Bradd, author of Bewitching Gypsy

I hate snakes—all types—and I’m not sure I could be as strong as Indiana Jones and deal with them. If one snuck up on me, first I’d try to get as high and then as far away as possible. Are they scared away by screams? Because I could try that too.

Christy Thomas, author of Where Angels Tread

The scariest creature to me are the Vampires portrayed in Christine Feehan’s, Carpathian series novels. They can appear handsome, luring women to them, but they are ruthless, bloodthirsty, men that only want to kill.

If a Vampire snuck up on me in the middle of the night, I’d expect a visit from Samael, the Angel of Death. (You can read Samael’s story in Where Angel’s Tread.)

Havva Murat, author of Encantado

My story revolves around a mythical creature that I would definitely be afraid of: a giant Amazonian sea snake (or in some versions a dolphin) that can take on human form and seduce/lure humans underwater and even inflict insanity. Snakes send me squealing in general, but supernatural underwater snakes are on another plane entirely.

Michelle Ziegler, author of Garden of Souls

Well, I think spiders win.  Granted I’m afraid of Zombies and do wonder if I should prepare incase the Zombie apocalypse comes.  If a spider snuck up on me in the middle of the night I would scream loud enough to make up the neighbors. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have a heart attack honestly.

Echo Shea, author of If This Be Madness

This can change at any minute, but for right now I’m going to go with zombie. The idea of someone coming up behind me, rotting flesh clinging to sinew and bone, reaching out with softened, bloated hands, rancid breath at back–makes me a tad bit squeamish. First instinct says, I’d grab a frying pan and whack him with it–though I don’t know what it says about my cooking that the undead would obviously sneak up on me in the kitchen or why I’d be cooking in the middle of the night. I guess it’s just a heck of a lot better than having that thing creep up on me in bed–in which case I would pull that iron clad cover over my head. After all, nothing can get to me beneath linen.

Lisa A. Adams, author of Spooky Hollow Cafe

The absolute scariest thing I can even possibly imagine is a GIANT cockroach. You know, like the size of the spiders in the forbidden forest of the Harry Potter series. If ever a cockroach of that size even existed, I’d probably die. But, having one sneak up behind me in the middle of the night? Let’s just say, I wouldn’t handle it quite as well as Ron did.

Lily Carlyle, author of Ghost of a Chance

Zombies scare the crap out of me. I’m pretty sure that if one snuck up on me in the middle of the night, I would react like I do when I have nightmares: try really hard to scream but only a whisper comes out, with my feet rooted to the ground so all I can do is stand there wordlessly, watching the zombie creep up on me…

As for me? I agree with Lily and Echo, that zombies are definitely the worst.

What about you? What scary creatures frighten you the most? And what would you do if you saw one? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and sweet dreams. Don’t let the vampires bite…. (Unless they ask nicely first.)