Come to the Water


To look upon the quiet pool by moonlight
Will never tell what lies within.

How leaf drifted down from tree,
The pulses of the steady breeze,
Tsunami as the earth quakes far away.

Come into the water and feel
Life in waves.

Mysteries are revealed
As we descend
And rise again.

One day we will know why,
The trials, the reason, the pain.
For now, right now-

Come into the water
And drink.

Friday Fictioneers: The Tell-Tale….Something

PHOTO PROMPT  Copyright -Mary Shipman

Copyright -Mary Shipman

Like the scent of some long-forgotten secret, the sound haunted Rodney’s dreams. When he woke, he could still hear it, even louder and more insistent. Thump-thump. Rodney went to the hidden compartment in the wall, stripping back the wallpaper.

The tiny man wore a black top hat, a green suit and black shoes with gold buckles.

“Ready to give it over?” Rodney asked.

“You moron!” the little man squeaked. “It’s a pot of gold. Gold!”

His roommate Jim appeared at the door while Rodney was re-gluing the wallpaper.

“Any luck?” Jim asked.

“No, man. Freaking leprechauns.”

“Freaking leprechauns,” Jim agreed.


My response to the prompt at Friday Fictioneers, in which every week we get together and write 100 word responses to a prompt. Some of us are a little crazier than others.